CAN glass hood pardyc+

CAN glass hood pardyc+

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Black Fireplace

Features :
Technical features - Hood
Power consumption 140W
Amount of noise 58 to 63 db.
Engine Turbo Italian technology
Spiral Fireproof materials for easy clean
Maximum Temperature Up to 155 centigrade
filter Aluminum
Temperature sensor
Fireplace Fireplace
Appearance features - Hood
Setting panel touch
Door Gas handle
Lights Low consumption SMD
Exiting space diameter 150 millimeter
Capability of height regulation

Pardyc+ hoods model fireplace of 90 centimeters is one of the nice systems of this well-known company. This hood is in the category of diagonal hoods. Hoods with suctions in kitchen are very functional for exiting the bad smells of foods as well as this has been a decorative element for kitchens. This model, with its especial design, is viewed in one flat layer and makes the design of hood very nice and is a clear and mirror-like system. The corners of this model have some curved to decrease the rigidity of design. This hood is suitable for installing above the ovens of 90 centimeters or smaller in case that there has been suitable space for installing system in kitchen and between cabinets of above row. Digital indicators of this model adds to its niceness and easy functioning. In this model the indicators are placed in the right position. There will be a remote control with this model. For lightning the system and the dishes on it, they can use two SMD lights below it. The noise is in good level and in fast runs it’s not so annoying for the user and that is due to fans and spiral system used in the system. And this product has temperature sensor that is very efficient.

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3D views