CAN glass oven CG-8504

CAN glass oven CG-8504

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Black Glass

Features :
Technical features - Plate Cooker
Power 11 KW
Security system Thermo coble ultra-rapid
Type of glass Shaven loops, secorit, 8 millimeters
Type of burner Defendi of Italy
Type of valve Defendi of Italy
Type of volume By hand
Electrical cable
Glass Glass
Appearance features - Plate Cooker
Number of burners five burners
Type of frame Glazed iron

CAN Glass Plate ovens model 8504 are modern plate ovens. They are designed to install on the main plate of cabinets and a suitable position for installing should be taken into account on cabinets. The uses of this type is suitable for modern kitchens or smaller kitchens which they don’t need big ovens. This product has five burners and it's made of glass and in black color. In this model the burners are made in four- pairs and the main cooking burner is in the left. This model has automatic lighter and the controlling volume of burners are made in the lower part and in the middle. Glazed iron is put on the burners to get the pots and other containers on it. The main burner and valve in this type are defendi of Italy. Security system of this model is Thermo coble Ultra Rapid. It's suitable for small to very big kitchens. It has been regulated to use city gas or any other liquid gas in this model.

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3D views