Criticism, suggestions and requests Box

Thanks for your choosing, you can get in direct connection with head of CAN and send all your suggestions and criticism and requests online.

In case of need for support and question about sale and help about services, you can register in the portal of customers and send your request from Ticket part.

Personal meeting

In case of personal meeting, you can use the followed contact numbers and refer to the address of central office.

Factory number one: No. 67, across from 14th alley, Ettehad St. , Damavand St. , Tehran

Phone: 77330460

Factory number two: No. 14, on the corner of Khorshid St. , Sazman Ab, Damavand St. , Tehran

Phone: 7363

Contact Information

after sales service : 77145050
Customer : 7353


Online contact with sales experts

For online connection with sale experts, following installments and complaint about the production use Telegram Robot of the address Https:// teaching the way of using CAN robot: you can add our Robot easily to your Telegram. For starting first search @canhome_bot in the menu of your telegram. Then touch start to join the group. After adding this Robot you can access to sales experts and new productions. Also you can follow installments and complaints from the section of after-sale services.