Mission of CAN Company

CAN company is one of the active producers in the Home Appliances Industry that till 1363 has covered most part of market for its own productions like hood, oven and sink and by applying updated technical knowledge and expert and experienced workers and in cooperation with pioneered countries of Europe in this industry has taken great step in the improvement of this field. This company, based on its obligation for the quality regulations of standards ISO14001: 2004, ISO9001: 2008 and OHSAS18001: 2007, clarifies its own missions of integrated management system (IMS) as the followings:

  • Establishing the customer- oriented culture and attracting and increasing the satisfaction of customers through understanding their needs and expectations.
  • Establishing principle of quality-tendency and respecting national and international standards
  • improving quality level and motivations of working force by planned teaching programs and applying functional skills and attracting their attendance.
  • increasing suitability and improving organization processes and matching with valid international standards for improving quality level and getting satisfactions by making suitable bases and applying the technics of material control, equipment, production and using updated technology.
  • respecting rules and regulations of Environment and obligation for paying attention to environmental issues and decreasing and preventing pollutions.
  • respecting rules and regulations of security, professional sanitary and obligation for decreasing and preventing job risks, diseases and preserving health and immunity of work force. Due to the fact that above mentioned goals are possible only by cooperation and attendance of all colleagues in all stages of organization, so it's expected that all dear colleagues help CAN company by learning the methods, respecting the rules and regulations. The management knows him in charge of improving the level of quality functions by fixing IMS mission in a lasting way and assess it during regular periods.

Board of Management

CAN Group