Success story of CAN company

CAN is a name beyond a producer of Home Appliances. It's a name that has gone beyond the quantities and has put its attention on the values. CAN is a symbol of successful management that has been able to change to a universal company by using production basis and also applying updated technology and modern management systems. CAN Hood produced a production with the name of Hood in 1362 that for this reason in Iran kitchen Hood is always known as CAN hood and has had the brand of CAN with itself.

The support of dear customers from the production with the quality of CAN has persuaded managers and experts of this complex to increase the capacity of their internal needs and also have influence on the global market and in other countries such as Iraq, Afghan, Turkey and Africa and has exported its productions to these countries. CAN hood have increased its growth due to becoming the leading brand in the world by using modern technologies and processes. Based on the increased demands and tries of colleagues in 1380 CAN hood increased its variety in productions and has started production of the most modern and high- quality Ovens in Iran.

In 1387 this company was registered by the name of CAN home appliances group that is active on a ground for the area of 12000 mm2. Home appliances group has had main goals of providing kitchen equipment for in and out of country that for this case the providing of Steel sinks with the highest quality and 5-years guarantee has been programmed ad has attracted the satisfaction of its customers. Nowadays CAN Home appliance group with the yearly production of 750000 Hood systems, ovens and sinks is one of the well- known industries of our country. In 1391 new brand of CAN TRUST registered by the CAN holding (SANAAT AZIN) and has taken a vital step toward providing the needs of sensitive ladies of Iran and by innovative steps in kitchen productions is producing modern and different productions of kitchen equipment that has started to produce Granite kitchen sinks and full- steel valves 304 and 5- years guarantee for steel valves to make the Iranian homes a secured and relaxed place.