taekwondo and in 8 the municipality Branch, Islamic Azad University, pass Ghavamin, taekwondo North east, Yassin leading Alborz, taekwondo province, home appliances and cultural complex Sport sprouts today (Thursday) at home Taekwondo Federation Taekwondo was held.


The results of the second and third week competitions are as follows:
second week///
Team Varamin 7 - Northwest Taekwondo Team
Team Gavin 4 - Home Appliances Team 4
Yassin Leading Team Alborz 2 - Islamic Azad University Team 6
Taekwondo team of Mazandaran province. 8- Cultural sports complex of Zero bud
Third week ///
The Varamin 7 Urban Team - Alborz Progressive Yassin Team
Teaching team of Mazandaran province 2 - Islamic Azad University 6
Home Appliances Team 6 - Northeast Taekwondo Team 2
Pasam Gwamim Team 7 - Cultivar Sports Complex

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